О „Змају“ у стиху…


У Змај Јову

Дођите, прваци,

да и ви постанете

напредни ђаци.

Другови сви,

дођите у шкoлу,

да нас буде

у што већем броју.

Уђите у

клубове наше,

да понеко злато

буде и ваше.

Приредбе су дивне,

а такмичења сјајна,

ова школа за мене је

 стварно бајна!

Ова песма посвећена је

Чика Јови,

не постоји дете

које њега не воли.

Од ове школе

нема већег раја,

и знам да јој никад

неће доћи краја.

Кад порастем

и будем зрео,

у ране школске дане

вратићу се кад год будем хтео.

Димитрије Благојевић 3/2



…и на енглеском језику


Primary  school „Zmaj Jova Jovanović“

               Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj was a poet, translator, editor of literary newspapers. By profession he was a doctor. He was born in Novi Sad in 1833. He studied Law in Pest, Prague and Vienna. He completed studies in medicine and was a doctor in Novi Sad, Pancevo, Belgrade, Zagreb and Vienna. In Belgrade, he was a playwright at the National Theater. He was socially active, a great creator, the most prolific Serbian poet, whose vast work contains poems and verses of high value.

              He was the founder and editor of the literary magazine „Javor“, satirical newspaper Dragon, Ziza, Starmali and children magazine Neven. He translated from Hungarian, German, Russian, English. He died in Sremska Kamenica in 1904.

             In Serbia, there are many schools that carry Chika Jova’s name, but there is only one school in Belgrade that has its name: Primary school „Zmaj Jova Jovanović“, founded in 1868. Its founders are citizens of Savamala. It is known that only one teacher worked at that time. Female children started attending school in 1893. In 1901, male and female departments were merged so it became a mixed school. At that time, the school was located in a private building of Karatosic, an iron trader.

             From there it moved to a dedicated, state building erected in Bosanska street. It worked until 6 April 1941, when it was bombed and destroyed. During the Second World War, it was relocated several times but it was open. After the liberation of Belgrade, it started to work in the Teachers’ School building and expanded by another five new departments. In 1946, the school moved to a repaired building in the street of Narodni Front. It was officially entitled Primary school in 1952. Classes were held in Serbo-Croatian. In 1967, the school moved to the suburbs of Braće Jerković, Meštrovićeva street No. 19, the Municipality of Vozdovac, where it is still today. At the time, school had 2,000 students and 120 teachers.

             The school had achieved excellent results. It was among the best schools in Belgrade and beyond. It was a place of internship for the Teacher School and the Pedagogical Academy from Tuzla. Pupils list „Mali Neven“ was declared the best in Yugoslavia. It was published for eighteen years and every year it received an award. The publishing stopped in 1988.

              Today, our school is in the ranks of modern schools. It has a digital classroom, cabinets equipped with modern technology. Its students and teachers have won many awards. Primary School „Zmaj Jova Jovanović“ is very important for my family. My dad went to this school, and from September 2018 my younger brother will be a pupil here, too.

For all these reasons, I am a proud pupil of the school that is 50 years old and has such a rich history.

Nevena  Trišić VI/2